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Fortron® PPS

Producer: Celanese
Polymer type PPS

Fortron® polyphenylene sulphide (PPS) from Celanese is a high-performance thermoplastic with excellent balance of properties.

Fortron® is a linear PPS that offers superior dimensional stability, inherent flame resistance and excellent chemical and solvent resistance. PPS is insoluble in all known solvents below 200°C.

General info

Fortron® PPS offers:

  • High continuous use temperature (160°C to 240°C)
  • Short-term temperature resistance up to 270°C
  • Broad chemical resistance – including automotive/aircraft fuels and fluids, strong acids and bases (pH 2 to 12) even at elevated temperatures
  • Superior dimensional stability (low shrink, CTE)
  • Excellent creep resistance, especially at elevated temperatures
  • Virtually no moisture absorption ( ̴0.02%)
  • Potential weight savings up to 50% vs. metals

Typical Fortron® applications:

Fortron® products have been specified in a wide range of injection moulded applications such as automotive under-the-hood parts, power train components, pumps, fuel system components, surface mount electrical/electronic components, blower and pump parts, protective and non-stick coatings, surgical devices and power tools.

Extrusion grades of Fortron® may be used with melt-blown and spun-bond technology for melt spun non-wovens. Fibre and monofilament made from Fortron® PPS can be found in woven or mesh conveyor belts, flame resistant clothing and filtration media. Fortron® is also suitable for extrusion and compression moulding to produce slabs, rods and other stock shapes commonly used for prototyping.


The Fortron® PPS product line encompasses a broad array of standard and speciality grades for use in injection moulding, extrusion, fibre spinning and blow moulding.

Standard injection mouldable grades with glass fibres and/or mineral reinforcements are available, but many speciality grades are available for improved lubricity, low warpage, faster cycling and other areas of enhanced performance.

For indications following from Fortron® PPS grade selection, total portfolio is much more comprehensive:

Fortron® unfilled grades

These grades are available in powder, pellets and crystallised pellets. Normally used in extrusion for fibre, mono- and multi-filaments, films and other extruded items like Fortron® 0205B4, a low melt viscosity PPS powder or Fortron® 0205P4, a low melt viscosity PPS granulate.

Fortron® reinforced grades

These grade are available with glass filling like Fortron® 1140L4, a medium flow PPS with 40% glass fibre filled grade or with glass/mineral filling like Fortron® 6165A6, an easy flow PPS with 65% glass fibre/mineral filling.

Fortron® speciality grades

These grades are suitable for special processing like Fortron® 1115L0, a 15% filled material for blow moulding applications, or grades which have a special additive like Fortron® 6450A6, a 65% filled material low wear modified.

Lower flash grades like Fortron® 1141L4, a 40% glass filled or Fortron® 1131L4 ITT, a 30% glass filled grade are also available. If you need an electrically conductive PPS, Fortron® SKX 390 can be an option and if a high impact and less strength is needed, Fortron® 1200L1 may be an option.


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