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Sconapor™ EPS

Producer: Ravago
Polymer type EPS

Sconapor™ is an expandable polystyrene (EPS) from TRINSEO and is available as beads.

Sconapor™ can be used to manufacture moulded parts, as well as blocks and plates.

General info

Due to the low thermal conductivity of the material, foams produced from Sconapor™ are very well suited as insulating materials and packaging applications.

All Sconapor™ EPS grades are produced in Schkopau, Germany, under the highest quality standards.

SCONAPOR™ F-grades

All Sconapor™ grades labelled with an F contain flame retardant agents. Foams manufactured with F-grades are assigned to Category B1-flame retardant materials, as per DIN 4102 norm.

It is available with different bead sizes.

SCONAPOR™ N-grades

New additions to the SCONAPOR™ EPS portfolio. A full range of different sized beads with no flame retardant additive.


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