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Sumitomo® PP

Producer: Sumitomo
Polymer type PP compounds

Sumitomo, a Japanese conglomerate, has a long-standing history in producing polypropylene in the United States and in Asia. Since 2009 it has also produced polypropylene in Saudi Arabia. The 2 lines have a joint name plate capacity of 1,500 Ktons and is producing homoplymers and copolymers.

Typical applications: Food packaging, pails, crates and boxes, caps and closures, fibres and staple fibres , films, tubes and pipes, sheets and profiles, house wares and consumer goods.

Sumitomo offers the following grades for the EUROPEAN market:

  • Sumitomo® PP Y101E – homopolymer, MFI 15
  • Sumitomo® PP AR764 – copolymer, MFI 25
  • Sumitomo® PP AZ764 – copolymer, MFI 38